Day trip to Aegina Island and fresh pistachios! 


Island Map
Island Map

Out of rest of our stay in Athens, we had planned to visit nearby Island by ferry or speed boat. There were many organized trips available which took you to three different islands giving you brief time at each place but instead of that we decided to only visit one  of the islands as we wanted to spend some quality time at one island rather than island hopping to three different places and not be able to enjoy thoroughly one place.

More specifically we chose Aegina island because it was one of the largest pistachio growing island. I was already excited to be visiting Aegina island being a big fan of pistachios. 

We took a speed boat to Aegina which took us there in around 30-40 minutes. Aegina is a very small island and if you rent a motorbike you can get around pretty easily and cover the whole island because that’s what we did.

As soon as we got off the ferry, we rented a motorbike. I have to say, my husband was most excited to ride a motorbike. That’s how we grew up, driving two wheeler back in India.

Close to port of Egina
Close to port of Egina

We got a map of famous or must visit places from the bike rental company and I had also done little bit of research so with that we headed off to explore the island immediately after renting the bikes.

We went to this beautiful church called Agios Nektarios.

Agios Nektarios
Agios Nektarios

Then we got back to our road trip, and went to the other end of the island to beach agia marina, spent some time there and on our way back to port stopped to see the Temple of Aphaia.

Temple of Aphaia
Temple of Aphaia


The views were amazing as some parts were hilly and gave us a height to enjoy the scenery.

Cypress trees and scenic view

On our way, we came across so many pistachio fields, lemon groves, pomegranate trees, olives and fig trees. You name it and we have got it. It was so much fun specially the open pistachio fields. I had never thought of seeing fresh pistachios for real. We stopped and took several pictures.




After that, we headed to village Perdika. From the port of Aegina heading south along the coast road towards Marathonas bay the road leads to the fishing village of Perdika.

On our way to Perdika

We had amazing lunch at this restaurant called Remetzo in Perdika. Such simple ingredients and so delicious and it had amazing views. It was not at all crowded and we felt like we had that place to ourselves. If you plan to see Aegina island , try to visit this restaurant you will definitely not regret.

Lunch with a view

 After spending some time and having lunch, we headed back to port to do some pistachio shopping. We bought some pistachio butter and pistachios and enjoyed gelato from a nearby gelato shop and waited for our ferry to take us back to Athens.

We were tired after going home but were looking forward to the next day as to what would it bring to us.

Pistachio butter and creme. Ohh so delciious!
Pistachio butter and creme. Ohh so delciious!
Pistachio stands
DSC_6506 222222



3 thoughts on “Day trip to Aegina Island and fresh pistachios! 

    1. Thank you Loiuse. Yes, it was a good idea to rent a bike – we stopped whenever we wanted some nice snaps and it was really windy with the heat over us. We ended up at this beautiful place for lunch. All in all it was fun. Keep traveling and if you ever come to NY, ping me. Good luck with your travels and blog.

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