Avocado Lassi!

Avocado Lassi!

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Makes 2 tall glasses

1 Avocado
1 cup Plain Yogurt
3 tablespoons honey
1 Teaspoon Lime juice
1 cup Milk (more or less, depending on your preference for the consistency)
1/4 cup Dried fruits or nuts of your choice. Almonds, cashews, pistachios and sultanas are all great. (Soaking the nuts beforehand so that when you are trying to blend them in the lassi it is easier).
pinch of Salt

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Lassi is the famous drink from India. Punjab state enjoys more lassi then any other place. But, with recent times, the drink has become popular in most of the parts of India. It is usually made with yogurt, water, some spices and sometimes fruit is added.

The most common lassi is either slightly salty or the sweeter one. But, as time went by people started adding fruits to it and thus there are fruit versions like infamous mango lassi.

I think Mango lassi is probably famous only in the US and other countries then India. We are more used to the salty and sweet lassi. Back in India, there is a lassi shop in a famous college neighborhood. They have their most popular lassi known as dry fruit lassi. It is made with lots of dry fruits and is slightly sweet.

So, when there was a contest announced on food52 about avocados. I decided to submit a recipe of avocado lassi. So, honestly my lassi is adapted from the dry fruit lassi that my husband is really fond of. We do not get Avocados in India, atleast when I lived there. So, it was more like an experiment. Dry fruits blends well with avocados and is healthy too. You can serve it as lassi shots at summer gatherings. Though my recipe did not win the contest it was picked as community pick.

Avocado Lassi

Here’s the review on Food52 Review: PistachioDoughnut’s Avocado Lassi is my new go-to weekday breakfast. Creamy and sweet, it is also healthful, although disguised as an indulgence (I love it when that happens). As a bonus, it could not be simpler – just add and blend. I have made it quite a few times now and found that with my regular blender, soaking the nuts overnight helps to combine the ingredients more easily as well as adding a touch more milk (or water) if it gets too thick. I also prefer starting out with half of the amount of nuts, pureeing to combine and adding more to taste. Halving the recipe is perfect for one! (less) – gingerroot

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Gingerroot has already tried it , what are you waiting for. Go, cool  yourself with this lassi.

I would say Keep Calm and Drink Lassi! Enjoy

Second last pic is by James Ransom from Food52, all others are taken by me.


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