Mykonos Island, Greece


From Athens, we had planned to check out the famous party island – Mykonos! We loved this island. It had everything we love – good food, beaches and the ambiance or the feel. I had planned to just relax in Mykonos! And, spend as much time as possible to enjoy the water and outdoor. Our boat stopped at this beautiful village called Ermoupouli on the way to Mykonos. It was such a cute little village. 1622762_10152595694124272_2117248005077310656_n10658514_10152595694494272_3183860127568579927_o10661655_10152595695759272_5328178577351868763_o10629270_10152595695429272_6729773640379648585_o

On our way to the beach, there were so many photo opportunities  on our way with scenic views that we would stop and capture those moments. We went to couple of beaches. The first day we stopped by paradise beach. There was loud music going on and most of the people were youngsters. So, we thought its the perfect place for us , just kidding. It was a nice beach and so we decided to spend our day there.10482390_10152595697944272_6078699629432652893_n

Every island in Greece has these nooks and corners and cobbled streets to go around. Sometimes, I felt that we were going to go into someone’s house. So, interesting and they would connect sometimes to other paths.1470256_789432601100393_8173982257003144089_n

The famous pelican sighting! People were running behind him to take a snap. Kids were so excited and adults alike. I was also excited to see a pelican. IMG_465110443266_10152595696319272_7637777325503177053_o

These windmills were so famous and added an interesting sight along the seaside. We took lots of pictures near the mills. I didn’t realize but my friends told me that some bollywood movies were filmed at this location and they had seen these windmills in some bollywood songs. It was really interesting to know something that I had no idea about.

The next day was spent at another beautiful beach.

St. Agios Beach, was one of our favorite beach. You have to be comfortable to hike down to the beach through some big rocks. It is not at all difficult and took about five minutes. The water was really clear. Like most of the beach this was more like an adult nude beach. There were a couple of beaches which were meant to be family beach specially families with kids. They were really crowded and honestly we wanted to spend sometime alone.


Most of the Grecian Islands are famous for their sunsets. And, everyday we enjoyed a good sunset. It was just mind blowing. Look at the pictures.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


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