Santorini, Greece

I had always dream’ t of visiting these whitewashed buildings. When the dream came to reality, I was beyond thrilled. Everything that we saw in pictures, we were seeing it in reality. Greece is beautiful in pictures but it is more beautiful in reality. The people are so generous, the food is so humble and simple and it offers the best views where ever you are standing.

10351261_10152607090559272_6453354864031169791_n10548205_10152607090689272_5354328218172878191_oSantorini was one of the island that no one wants to miss out. After all, I think your trip is incomplete if we cannot spend some time in enjoying these awesome views. Everyday we spent time just staring at the ocean and the cliffs. When you get off the from ferry, you just keep looking around as to where is that place we saw in pictures. Those narrow cobblestones streets. You have to experience Greece to believe how beautiful it is. 1522483_10152607088484272_213777462704759046_o10387008_10152607096094272_4811427526585389422_o10447158_10152595694384272_6188307532290539331_nDSC_6031

This is the famous black sand beach. The sand was really hot. We rented one of the umbrellas and chairs and enjoyed a beach day. Honestly, we liked the beaches in Mykonos more than Santorini. The water was more clean and clear. Santorini is at a very high cliff , so views are spectacular. So, both places offered something different that we like. 10553865_10152607092499272_4694516685813703936_o

The famous red sand beach. People had to climb down the big rocks and go to the beach. It was way too crowded to us and it is small also compared black sand beach. 1956926_10152607095609272_7852147570401738363_o63708_792253290818324_2011481218965561424_n

The place we stayed was so beautiful. We did not stay at the touristy places like Fira or Oia. No doubt they were also beautiful places. But, Akrotiri had its own charm. The picture above is of the inhouse restaurant. The views were spectacular. The chef at the restaurant was one talented young man. He is 23 years old if I am not wrong about his age, but he cooked and presented best food. We still remember the food that we had one night at this place.

We had this view everyday at breakfast.


10682343_10152607094079272_4790920971101018334_o10712491_10152607093339272_4670314146485531792_o10644517_10152607097524272_8359397159440283528_o1522483_10152607088484272_213777462704759046_o10608280_10152607098129272_5304282360168047270_o10704367_10152607087159272_4041684200830230796_o10658778_10152607085874272_4180323584566337075_o10533310_10152607091609272_3300523933460769656_o1503954_10152607091759272_8013249822741040338_n10539172_10152607092134272_2980977185442890983_o63945_10152607096799272_7951226919432545771_nI could not decide which pictures to share. So, I am sharing all the pics that I am so in love

with and I think will make you feel the place that Santorini is, serene, beautiful !

Through, these pictures we are reliving the moments that we spent in Santorini. There are so many islands that we could not visit. But, I am sure we will go there once again someday.

All the pictures are our own, Mr. B took them.


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