Farmers Market in France!


Lavender at the St. Remy’s Wednesday Farmer’s Market!

Recently, my husband and I went to France, Monaco and Italy for our vacation. It was on our list since long time to visit these three beautiful countries. Although, we spent some time last year before flying to Greece in Paris. This time we spent more time in Paris and other parts of the French Riviera. 

Today, I just want to share some pictures of Farmer’s market that we saw in Paris, St. Remy near Avignon, and Nice! I was in love with everything I saw there. It was just awesome to see people buying fresh produce in their market tote!

There was a famous farmer’s market right outside our rental apartment in Paris in Bastille neighborhood. The first day our airbnb host was a little late to welcome us to her apartment and so we spent our early morning outside at a cafe; watching people do their weekend market shopping in those cute tote bags. It was such a wonderful experience to watch everyone buying their fresh produce and flowers. I also interacted with some farm vendors.



 Lovely flowers!

bastille farmers marketBastille’s Farmer’s Market right from our apartment window!

Every night that we stayed their way early morning around 4 am, we would hear the vendor’s setting up their tents for the morning market. By 7.30 am or 8 am, there will people outside with their market totes to fill them up with fresh flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables and almost everyone around was also seen visiting their favorite neighborhood boulangerie for fresh baguettes. It is a sight I will never forget. We really enjoyed that morning leisurely looking around. In those few minutes, I also dream’t about living in Paris.artichokes

Beautiful fresh artichokes, tomatoes and radishes!

asparagusgarlicFresh garlic and asparagus right outside our St. Remy apartment!

cherriesstrawberryJuiciest and best strawberries that we have tried! (St. Remy Farmer’s market)totes

St. rmy cheeseSt.remy cheese shopyellow tomatoesYellow tomatoes at a Farmer’s market in old town in Nice!flowers bouquets

We were lucky to stay outside a Farmer’s market in St. Remy as well. We strolled the markets before heading to our day trip to neighboring villages. We bought some cherries and strawberries, I have to say they were the best berries we have had. I am anyways a fan of strawberries but Mr. B, will only try it if it is less tart. He enjoyed them as well. We ate them in the car while driving the countryside.

lavI hope you enjoy the pictures and start day dreaming about living in France ; just like me!

Bonne Fete Nationale, Happy Bastille day!


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