Hello! My name is Devangi. I grew up mostly in India and home cooked meals were essential part of my years growing up. My mom would make every effort to cook us delicious meals everyday; so it goes without saying who the inspiration is behind the blog and all the behind scenes cooking that takes place.

I live on East coast with my husband (Mr. B/ Mr. picky eater) and very close to New York. As I shared B, is the important piece to my puzzle (cooking) as he is the official taste tester who I would be referring as Mr. Picky eater more so often on the blog because he was less now, a picky eater. But, he is the biggest critique of all the food that I cook and bake. And, he is the taste tester of all the recipes that end up on the blog or end up in the trash.

I work full time as a women’s rights advocate. I love cooking and blogging during my free time. There are failures and messes when I cook but I have learned a lot from those failures.

My newest addiction is traveling or I was always into traveling. Just the opportunities became more clearer recently and reasons all the more strong.

About B, his contribution to the blog is all our travel pictures and as I shared earlier – official tester. No recipes are published until they have been tasted by him.He also happens to take some damn good pictures.


IMG_4250 (2)


About the blog 

Pistachiodoughnut was created honestly out of my boredom at home and not being able to work in this country. But, it was not all by chance. I was always passionate about baking and cooking. Only that I did not cook as often as I cook now after moving to the States. Baking gives me immense pleasure and peace. So, this blog was born out of my obsession of baking. I also wanted to share and store my kitchen life and recipes.

You will find all the recipes that I love to eat and feed other people on this blog. I am trying to share more and more recipes that you do not find in any restaurants but in homes in India. I absolutely love baking so I will also share my passion for it on the blog.

IMG_3722 (2)

I hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you for stopping by my way.

Please feel free to comment and and let me know your views.

I do not give permission to share my recipes and pictures without permission and due credit.If you ask me, I am sure I will have no problems. I would love to hear from you.




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