Fennel and Mango Salad

Mango and fennel salad by pistachiodoughnut

I am back to blogging. I feel like I take too many breaks from blogging. But, I am truly cooking and baking but just not able to share all the good things on the blog. In between I took vacation and we went to Africa. Continue reading “Fennel and Mango Salad”


Irish Soda Bread

Wherever you go and whatever you do , May the luck of the Irish be with you – unknown author.

DSC_9723 (2) copy

Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s day! The day cannot be celebrated without some soda bread. Yesterday while coming from work as I was scrolling through my instagram page; I came across this soda bread recipe, which made me think I have never tried making soda bread. As soon as I went home, I decided I am going to make Irish Soda Bread and luckily I had all the ingredients at home.

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Kadhi Pakora – savoury dumplings in yogurt sauce

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Kadhi Pakora is one the comfort dishes to make during cold winter months because it is best served hot or warm. I really love to make it because its quick and hardly demands extra ingredients. You would find most of the ingredients in an Indian household. But, in case if you do not have everything on hand, you can always plan ahead to make it. It has slight tanginess from the yogurt and lemon and creaminess from the yogurt and chickpea flour. By the way chickpea flour is also gluten free.  Continue reading “Kadhi Pakora – savoury dumplings in yogurt sauce”

Vegetarian Manchurian – Indian Chinese dish!



Do you know that there is nothing like a spicy and warm bowl of Indian Chinese food during winter like  soup or a dish called Manchurian or Hakka noodles which fall under Indian Chinese food category?

Indian Chinese food is adaptation of Chinese flavors and cooking techniques but suitable to Indian tastes. Originally, Indian Chinese cooking became famous or developed when Chinese immigrants moved to Calcutta now known as Kolkata  in 18th century. Chinese cuisine is very popular within Indian communities. It is really different from the authentic Chinese dishes and often influenced by Indian flavors. Continue reading “Vegetarian Manchurian – Indian Chinese dish!”