Mango Cheesecake

We are already close to the holidays. I guess its everyone’s favorite time of the year. I just love fall so much. The leaves changing its colors and everything looks orange, brown, mustard, yellow and cherry colored.The cold crisp mornings which makes you want to cuddle your favorite blanket  and sleep some more. I can’t believe its fall, time flies really fast. I can’t stop thinking about our awesome trip to France and Italy this year and here we are already ready to celebrate thanksgiving.  Continue reading “Mango Cheesecake”


Mango Creme Doughnuts


I know, it has been a long overdue for a recipe or an update from me. I still have to share with you my readers about the Greece trip. But, before I could share  everything about our trip;I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! And, a recipe of Mango creme filled donuts or doughnuts. Whatever you might wanna spell it as. I don’t care about how you spell it; I only care about the doughnuts. Don’t you..too..

DSC_6355 (2)Since, so many months I have been dreaming of making doughnuts at home and fill them up with some delicious mango creme. So, I did some research for a good doughnut recipe and came across one and decided that the first thing we eat on the New Year’s day should be a doughnut. Ahh, I did it! I started my New Year with a nice, soft, pillowy doughnut filled with sunshine. They are so good. I think I kept on tasting until my stomach begged no more. Wait, I have to before passing on the recipe. I have no choice. Somebody gotta do the tough job  of eating 🙂  Continue reading “Mango Creme Doughnuts”

Orange Cake with Ganache

DSC_4250 (2)

Last few months passed by in a glimpse.Sometimes, I want to stop the clock ticking and freeze the moment. I was so busy to even come and check the comments on my blog or update it.There are so many things, I have to tell you all about my trip to Boston on long weekend, our trip to Canada and how excited we were to watch Formula One Grand Prix. And, a birthday surprise that I planned for my husband. It takes a lot of lies, poker face to plan a surprise. It was so tough for me to keep a secret. But, I somehow managed to keep it up. He could smell that something was fishy when we were at the place for the surprise. Continue reading “Orange Cake with Ganache”