Udaipur (part two)

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So, did you enjoy the last post. You will enjoy this one more. As I take you around Udaipur through my pictures and show you what we ate, what we shopped and where we danced out.

We spotted this old gentleman asking people if they wanted a ride. Although, we didn’t take the ride; we took his pictures with his permission of course.

He happily posed for a pic.

Again we started our day by this street side stall selling one of the best samosas that we had during our trip. They were piping hot and prepared freshly everyday. We ate there straight two days. Now, I really miss those hot and spicy samosas. They were the best. If you ever end up going to Udaipur you have to try this place, cannot remember the name but it is on the right hand side of street while going to City Palace next to a shop that sells unique local souvenirs. I was so busy enjoying the brekkie that forgot to take pictures of everything we ate but we did capture some pictures from our breakfast. 

DSC_9524 (2)

Poha – best breakfast ever

DSC_9526 (2)

Kachoris – stuffed with spicy yellow mung beans

Our stomachs were full and we were ready to venture out and see more. We passed by so many shops of colorful handmade embroidered clothes, hand sown sandals known as juttis btw we all bought a pair, Udaipur is also famous of leather made diaries and souvenirs. My husband bought almost 15 of those cute leather diaries for his team at work as gifts. I bought myself an embroidered folder which has a zipper and helps you keep your papers secured. We also bought lot of other items like a nice patch work bedsheet, a fancy embroidered purse, a table runner and many more things.

DSC_9531 (2)

DSC_9305 (2)

The shopkeeper busy making those leather diaries. They used recycled paper and top of that they would create any kind of designs you ask them to make. There peacocks inscribed on the leather cover, we also saw Effiel Tower and elephant. I think they are best to buy for ourselves or to gift as souvenirs. We bargained a lot everywhere. There are shops where they can get you custom made hand stitched embroidered jacket ; I could not stop from getting one. We selected the fabric and the shopkeeper cum tailor took my measurements and in an hour or two it was ready and perfect in size. So efficient. I will definitely share a picture of it.

It was afternoon time and we decided to go see Bagore ki Haveli as it looked interesting. It was very close to our hotel so we took the chance and sits right on Gangaur ghat. Haveli means mansion. It is converted into a museum.

DSC_9310 (2)

The entrance gate as you can see

DSC_9322 (2)

Lovely windows

DSC_9320 (2)

DSC_9368 (2)

Image-1 (3) copy


Some ruins with vegetation inside them

DSC_9348 (2)

Bagore ki Haveli also had puppet maker and he exhibited his puppets for people to see

DSC_9341 (2)

DSC_9347 (2)

DSC_9342 (2)

Puppets are a huge part of Rajasthani story telling tradition

So, we returned in the evening to watch a puppet show and traditional folk dance show called “Dharohar”The tickets to the show sell out quickly so make sure you buy them in advance or be on time. It is something not to be missed. It happens right inside the courtyard of the haveli.



Such colorful dresses

IMG_3259 (2)

This 70 plus lady was the highlight of the show, she entered with just 3 pots on her head and gradually increased them and danced so gracefully.


That’s us at posing at Lake Pichola

Some extra snaps that we took during our trip!

DSC_9527 (2)

A religious shrine on the streets

DSC_9204 (2)

I think this is Taj Palace hotel- if you are into royal luxurious stay

DSC_9161 (2)

DSC_9152 (2)

This was at City palace

DSC_9251 (2)

view at night from Gangaur ghat

DSC_9510 copy

A sunset to remember – Sajjangarh


Lots of flying kisses from my cute niece !

Places we visited  

City Palace

Monsoon Palace

Fatehsagar Lake

Lake Picchola

Bagore Ki Haveli

Not to be missed places –

Jagdish Temple



Udaipur Ropeway for incredible views of the city

To eat –

Santosh Dal Baati in Suraj Pole

Jalebis or Hot Gulab Jamuns – in the markets or Delhi Gate

Rajasthani Kachoris – Lala mishthan

Poonam Haveli

Cultural Shows –

Dharohar (Bagore ki Haveli)

Puppet Show (Lok Kala Mandal)

Shopping –

Bazaars in Hathi Pol, Bada Bazaar, Chetak Circle,etc.

Cooking classes-

There are many cooking classes offered in Udaipur but Shashi’s cooking class looks great. I haven’t tried it though but reviews look nice.

I hope you fell in love with Udaipur through these pictures. Have you ever been to India? Or do you wish to go to India

Tell me in the comments which places in India are on your list to see!

And, don’t forget to check out my previous post on Udaipur.


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