Safari Day 2 – Tanzania

The second day we decided to meet our guide at 7.30 so that we can leave early morning and get more time spending animal sighting, and driving to Serengeti. It was important to reach our destination before sunset. You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere in dark. We woke up early morning about 5.30 to be able to eat breakfast and enjoy some last minute views. As usual breakfast included hot items plus all the continental stuff, with various juices to choose from. It was nice to be able to enjoy coffee , unlike everyday in US we have coffee on go. After the breakfast we sat out in the balcony overlooking the beautiful vast park. We even spotted some elephants and water buck. As we were sitting in our jeep, our guide spotted some elephants right in the lodge’s premises. They were near the bungalows. As we head out they were walking towards the roads and we stopped for few minutes to watch them and then we head out to see more. As we went further, we spotted a big group of baboons. It was so much fun to watch them. There were a couple of young babies also in the group. They were all trying to climb up a tree and falling off. At one point I saw big baboon not letting the baby play or be naughty. I think we spent almost 15 minutes just watching them. That day we spotted more giraffes, impalas, gazelles, elephants and moved our way out of Tarangire National Park. Tarangire park is famous for elephants.


Incredible view from Tarangire Safari Lodge  Continue reading “Safari Day 2 – Tanzania”


Africa Trip recap

“Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all.”



B and I went to Tanzania in May, and most memorable trip ever. It was long flight but I would take that flight again and again if I can go to beautiful Africa. Continue reading “Africa Trip recap”

Strawberry Tart

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So, I made this tart and ate it for breakfast. Not really. I am just kidding. We ate for dinner. Farmer’s markets are full of fresh vegetables and fruits. I don’t get chance to go to Union Square market, but Jersey city also has a small market compared to NY markets. Every time, I pass by farmers market, I want to stop and buy. Everything that I see attracts me. Few days ago when I saw these fresh tiny strawberries, I immediately bought two pints of them.  I have learnt that tiny the fruit the better it is. Continue reading “Strawberry Tart”

Udaipur (part two)

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So, did you enjoy the last post. You will enjoy this one more. As I take you around Udaipur through my pictures and show you what we ate, what we shopped and where we danced out.

We spotted this old gentleman asking people if they wanted a ride. Although, we didn’t take the ride; we took his pictures with his permission of course.

He happily posed for a pic.

Again we started our day by this street side stall selling one of the best samosas that we had during our trip. They were piping hot and prepared freshly everyday. We ate there straight two days. Now, I really miss those hot and spicy samosas. They were the best. If you ever end up going to Udaipur you have to try this place, cannot remember the name but it is on the right hand side of street while going to City Palace next to a shop that sells unique local souvenirs. I was so busy enjoying the brekkie that forgot to take pictures of everything we ate but we did capture some pictures from our breakfast.  Continue reading “Udaipur (part two)”